About Soham

    Soham use to watch  YouTube videos on iPad of his father. It was an iPad given by a USA client for software testing. He use to watch videos of Ramdas Padhey a world famous Ventriloquist and Puppeteer. He was also keen on listening videos of famous humour artist HasyaSamrat Shri Deepak Deshpande. With repeated watching such videos, at the age of 4 years he started speaking without moving lips, ventriloqui. When his father observed this, he made first puppet for him called Chotu Singh. Later he developed puppet like a book, a cake, a dynasoure, Tatya vinchu, Sonuli a girl child,  Narendra Modi ji, puppet etc. His first public show was at age of 5 years at Sahastrajun Ganesh Mandal, Mangalwar peth, Solapur. He shows magic Tricks, Peppetry, Powada, Mimicry and Play Acts. He won st